Business Spotlights

Saturday Business Spotlights


11:00am: Solar 101: The basics and benefits of going solar in NH

Join us for an illuminating conversation on the ins and outs of solar energy. Understand how it works, its impact on energy costs, and the incentives available for homeowners in New Hampshire. Discover how going solar can benefit both the planet, and your wallet.

Eric Kilens - Granite State Solar

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11:30am: Networking/Marketing your business

I will go over the following:

  • Social Media (Facebook/LinkedIn) posts
  • Networking Events through Chamber of Commerce
    • Business After Hour Events
  • Joining Organizations
    • IE Homebuilders Association
  • Email Newsletters to your clients
  • Prospecting for new clients

Sal Caluatti – Fully Promoted

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12:30pm: How to ensure you have a positive building experience on your next home build or remodel

Chris will explain some standard, and not so standard practices in the industry, to help clients better navigate communicating with a contractor before their next big home project. This will be especially helpful when trying to decide who you want to handle your next project.

Topics to be covered:

Professional Service Agreements and the benefits of Pre construction

Pro’s and Con’s of Costs Plus and Fixed Cost Contracts

Project Management Software and other software that can make the building experience better for all

Building a relationship and trust with you contractor through transparency

Chris Meeken - Black Tie Group


1:00pm: Zero out your electric bills with Solar + Storage

Commercial USDA REAP grants to 50% and other incentives. George Horrocks has more than 35 years experience and is one of only a handful of NABCEP nationally-certified PV installers with 6.5 MW installed.

George Horrocks - Harmony Energy Works Inc


1:30 pm: Employee Benefits

Learn how you can attract and retain employees with something that several fellow members of the NH Homebuilders are already utilizing.

Kelly Dyer - New York Life


2:00pm: Construction Loan 101-Financing your new build

Whether purchasing the land or building on land already owned, we will discuss the planning stages as well as the mortgage process. Covering items like down payment, time frames, and

documents needed, we will walk you through the loan process as well as the construction period after closing to ensure that you are prepared from start to finish.

Jamie Towne - St Mary's Bank


2:30pm: Protect Your Home with Propane Power

For builders and residential architects, propane provides the reliability your customers demand with the comfort and efficiency that set your projects apart. What would you do if your home lost power today and you didn’t know when it would return? Are you stocked up on candles and canned goods? Would your family be left in the dark, unsure of how to weather the storm?

Nathan McShinsky - Eastern Propane

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3:00pm: Kitchen Design for How We Live Now

Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of kitchen design for the modern lifestyle. In this session, Donna Revens from Silver Lake Cabinetry will share her expertise on creating functional and stylish kitchens that align with how we live today. From innovative storage solutions to seamless integration of technology, Donna will explore the latest trends and design principles that make the heart of the home a hub of convenience and aesthetic appeal. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and inspiration for transforming your kitchen into a space that truly reflects your lifestyle.

Donna Revens - Silver Lake Cabinetry


3:30pm: Hammers For Veterans

Our mission is to raise funds that will be used in providing professional construction related services for veterans and their families. Our priorities are to provide safety and quality of life for veterans that have returned from serving our country.

The need for renovation of existing residences to accommodate their disabilities is great. A wheelchair ramp, a remodeled bathroom, or the widening of doors removes barriers and impact the quality of life for our veterans. Hammers for Veterans provides assistance on a case-per-case basis.

Lynette Rogers - Builders Care NH Foundation

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4:00pm: Workforce Development

There is an incredible demand for skilled tradespeople to join the workforce. Learn about the success we have had partnering with the Construction Program at the Huot Career & Technical Center. Let's discuss how collaboration between local businesses, schools & community organizations can foster a robust workforce development ecosystem.

Jeremy Doucet- Lakes Region Home Builders & Remodelers Association

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4:30pm: Transforming Spaces: The Total Basement Finishing Approach

Need more space? The solution is under your feet. Join Chuck Benedict from Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate, for an enlightening seminar on Basement Finishing 101. Discover how our unique approach transforms your unused basement into a vibrant, functional space. We'll guide you through the essentials of basement finishing, from initial design to final touches. Learn why our system stands out, offering durability, style, and value to your home. Perfect for homeowners looking to expand their living area, this seminar will provide insights, tips, and answer all your questions about turning your basement into your dream space.

Chuck Benedict- Total Basement Finishing, a Blackdog Affiliate

Sunday Business Spotlights

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11:00am: Mold Prevention; Maintaining Healthy Indoor Air Quality Despite the Ever-Changing Seasons of New England


Ben Archibald - EOC Environmental


11:30am: Propane Construction Incentive Program

Please join Longevity Home for this 30-minute room-by-Building with Propane Benefits the Environment, Homeowners, and Construction Professionals. In 2023, the Program eliminated millions of pounds of harmful emissions, while also generating updated research and usage data directly from homebuilders. Learn how propane gas appliances that boost performance and help homeowners lower their energy costs earn builders or remodelers up to $1,500 per home.

Nathan McShinsky - Eastern Propane


12:00pm: Marketing with Photography

Learn the importance of utilizing engaging video, telling the story behind your build, or helping to engage with your audience on social media.

Allan Wolf - Wolf Reel


12:30pm: Kidneys for Kindness

NH Non Profit started by NHHB member, Kelly Dyer-Rawlings

Donated her kidney 04/2022 to save a life and during a long recovery where NHHB supported her recovery she decided to start Kidneys for Kindness to financially help kidney donors during recovery; help pay mortgages, car payments, everyday living expenses, child care expenses etc.

Join her by letting her take you along her journey and be part of Giving LIFE.

Kelly Dyer - Kidneys for Kindness

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1:00pm: Planning the Perfect Remodel

Make your dream home a reality! If you are considering a remodeling project for you or a client’s home, join David Bryan, owner of Blackdog Design/Build/Remodel, as he provides an overview of every remodeling project’s key aspects from Design through Construction

Dave Bryan - Blackdog Builders

Joe LinkedIn.jpg

1:30 pm: ICF 101+: The Basics and Benefits of Going with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Learn how ICF construction can help you streamline the construction process. We’ll show you how ICF systems can be less labor-intensive than traditional construction, with lightweight, compact and easy-to-assemble systems that produce sturdy, high-performance foundations and walls. See how built-in insulation produces greater energy efficiency and higher thermal resistance, delivering superior R-values for homes and buildings that perform above code.

Joe Harnois - Atlantic Builders Supply

David Hazel cropped 400x400.jpg

2:00pm: 3 Old School Heat Pump Myths Debunked!

Hearing a lot about heat pumps? Been told they’re expensive and not meant for cold climates? Can they really keep you comfortable all winter? Come learn what’s really going on- what’s fact, what’s fiction if considering today’s heat pumps to heat and cool your home. I’ll help you understand why and how cold climate heat pump technology has evolved, debunk some myths, and help determine if they’re right for you.

Dave Hazel - Home Heating Expert